Virtual Fire Control Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system


System Overview:

Currently, the fire accident caused by small fire is frequent and the fire safety issue attracts the overall society’s attention. It is imperative to strengthen the people’s fire control awareness, popularize the fire control knowledge and enhance the initial fire extinguishment skill. The Virtual Fire Control Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system provides a good platform and is widely used in and testing of steel, power, petro-chemical, traffic companies and colleges. It is equipped with the overall fire control knowledge system and the vivid interactive fire control content for popularizing the fire control knowledge and strengthening the safety personnel awareness towards fire control to prevent or reduce the fire accident.

The system integrates the technologies of virtual reality, system simulation, sound simulation and human-machine interaction for vivid simulating various fire scenery to provide the fire control environment. During the operation process, there won’t be fire safety hidden danger and it is not limited to the site that could greatly meet the large-scale fire control requirement. It totally enhances the efficiency, comprehensively improves the quality and greatly saves the cost.

Function Specification

Abundant Scenery: equipped with various fire scenery types in steel, petro-chemical, power supply, traffic, electromechanical, garment companies and colleges that meets the and testing requirements of different industry. The scenery could be customized.

Vivid Effect: the vast vision, high resolution and well produced scenery results in the vivid site environment.

Energy-saving: the system is equipped with various fire extinguishers as dry powder, foam, carbon-dioxide, etc., the extinguishers are designed 1:1 according to the actual ones. The user could flexibly select the extinguisher according to the fire type and the selection times is unlimited. The extinguisher doesn’t need filling and change which save a lot of cost, reduce the cost and greatly meets the large-scale fire control requirements.

Safe and environmental: the process doesn’t need professional site and authentic fire. And there won’t be authentic fire flame, smoke and hazard gas that is safe and environmental.

Synchronization in Testing and Evaluation: the system is equipped with the intelligent human-machine interaction function, it could automatically judge the selected extinguisher type, check if the pin, wind direction, upwind direction, side direction and fire control method are correct. The system gives remind and deducts corresponding score during the testing process. The evaluation report is automatically generated to correct inspect the user’s fire control knowledge and the skill capability.

Comprehensive Knowledge: the system is equipped with the comprehensive fire control knowledge and contains fire extinguisher, fire classification, fire prevention, hidden danger identification, initial fire extinguishment, fire escape common sense, first-aid, etc. The system combines the text with the image that is vivid.