Virtual fire - extinguishing integrated simulation system


System Overview

At present, fire incidents caused by micro-fire more frequent, fire safety issues have been concerned about the whole society, to strengthen the awareness of fire safety, large-scale popularization of fire knowledge and improve the initial fire fire fighting skills is imperative, and virtual fire The comprehensive simulation training system provides a good training platform for a wide range of training, training and assessment of iron and steel, electric power, petrochemical, transportation and schools. It has a comprehensive fire knowledge system and realistic interactive Fire drill content, can quickly popularize fire knowledge, enhance the use of fire safety awareness, to prevent or reduce the occurrence of fire.

The system combines virtual reality, system simulation, sound simulation, human-computer interaction and other cutting-edge technology in one, high realistic simulation of many fire scenarios for the use of personnel to provide immersive fire drill environment, the operation of the process of no real fire and other security risks , Without restrictions on the venue, can easily meet the needs of large-scale fire drill, and fully improve the training efficiency, comprehensively enhance the quality of training, great savings in the use of cost.


Rich in scene: with steel, petrochemical, electricity, transportation, mechanical and electrical, clothing textile, schools and other different types of fire scenes, to meet the industry fire drill and assessment requirements, and on-demand custom professional scenes.

The effect of realistic: large field of vision, ultra-high resolution with the production of sophisticated scenes, creating a realistic scene environment.

Energy saving: the system is equipped with dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide and other fire extinguishers, using 1: 1 prototype design, the use of personnel according to the different types of fire from the beginning of a flexible choice, and unlimited use, no canned, replaced, save a lot of costs , Reduce the cost of exercise, easy to meet the needs of large-scale fire drill.

Safety and environmental protection: the exercise process without professional venues, real fire sources, no fire equipment consumption, will not produce real flames, soot and harmful gases, safe and environmentally friendly.

For examination and assessment of synchronous: The system has intelligent human-computer interaction function, which can automatically judge whether the type of fire extinguisher selected by the personnel, inspection, In the corresponding tips or deduct the corresponding points, and ultimately automatically generate assessment reports, accurate inspection of the use of fire knowledge and skills to master the level.

Comprehensive knowledge: the system has full knowledge of fire, covers the classification of fire equipment, fire, fire prevention, hidden, the beginning of firefighting and rescue, fire escape common sense, first aid, etc., illustrated, vivid image.

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