Emergency Escape Comprehensive Simulation Training & Testing Sub-system


System Overview:

The emergency escape is the crucial part of the fire control training, is the basic skill after fire that cares about the safety of life and treasure, and is the core and soul of the entire training system. We need not only to master amount of knowledge, but also to identify the proficiency in professional skills which are learnt through training. At the same time, the trainee’s awareness towards the fire control should be trained through vast amount of vivid training for them being fearless and cool in dealing with the fire.

The system is the first highly immersive simulation training platform of the world, it provides the trainee a vivid site environment through the virtuality and reality combination simulation format. United the advanced computer logic simulation technology with the heat wave and smog simulation system, the system could flexibly set the factors as fire point, fire condition, personnel initial position and surrounded equipment, site diffusion, etc.; the training task could be random constructed. Compared with the traditional training method, the system turns the training to be the highly experienced training mode which makes the trainee to have the feeling of being there. 

Multi-channel Fusion Comprehensive Experience Platform

The platform is the huge AR simulation training platform that is easy in operation, and the site is huge and impact. Equipped with the motion platform, the multi-channel fusion view system, the heat wave smog system and the 5.1 channel audio system, the system could predefine an observation area (the holographic laser projection system could be selected) to comprehensively display the sense of reality and intension of the fire.

VR Comprehensive Experience Platform

The platform covers a small area to simulate the status as site scenery, fire situation, smog and so on through VR technology. The shell is equipped with the wave system. The system could carry out the training individually and could be networked with the others to carry out group escape training.

1.   Single Mode

Cooperating with robot role to individually accomplish the training.

2.   Multi-person mode

When the fire occurs, the trainee could correctly select the fire extinguisher and adopt the correct escape measure while cooperating with the other trainees to escape from the danger. During the multi-platform operation, the system could carry out the functions as communication, site conversation, cooperation in obstacle treatment, etc.