Integrated simulation system of emergency escape


System overview

Emergency escape is an important part of the content of the fire drill, but also the basic skills of life and property safety after the fire is the core and soul of the whole exercise system. We not only have to master a lot of safety knowledge, but also through the exercise of the expertise of the study can be skilled and flexible use of the test, at the same time, but also through a large number of realistic exercises on the exercise mentality will be honed, feel the fire situation The complexity and urgency of training in the fire environment to maintain a sober and calm psychological quality, truly fear, calmly disposed of.

The system as the world's first set of highly immersed simulation training platform, through the combination of the actual situation in the form of simulation for the participants to provide a realistic scene environment, combined with advanced computer logic simulation technology, heat and smoke simulation system, can be set to set the fire point , The fire situation, the initial location of the staff and the surrounding equipment, the scene spread and other factors, randomly set the task of the exercise to break the traditional exercise mode is not real enough, not nervous "learning mode", and then transformed into a strong sense of "training mode" Immersive, very shocking!

Multi - channel integration experience platform

The platform for large-scale enhanced somatosensory virtual reality exercise platform, which is characterized by simple operation, the scene is ambitious, strong impact. Equipped with sports platform, multi-channel fusion vision system, heat wave smoke system and 5.1-channel sound system, and can be reserved to observe the area (optional holographic projection system), all-round to create a scene of the raging reality, tension.

VR comprehensive experience platform

The platform covers a small area, through the VR technology, virtual reality scenes and fire, smoke and other state, the shell configuration heat wave system, both independent training, but also with others to achieve multiplayer group escape drill.

1. Single mode

Perform exercises independently or with robot roles.

2. Multiplayer mode

When the fire occurs, the correct use of fire equipment, to take the correct self-help escape measures, and other participants in cooperation and mutual assistance, common from the danger. Multi-platform network operation, communication can be linked, on-site dialogue and common handling obstacles.

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