Aloft Installation, Maintenance and Demolition Operation Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system


System Overview

Considering the safety challenge and operation scoring problem of the traditional test, the brand-new applicable testing solution is designed by adopting the vision simulation and automation technology. The system all uses the authentic physical operation and the dynamic scenery part is represented using VR technology for locating the “authentic” out-door operation site into the area limited in-door test room. It adopts the unattended operation mode to reduce the cost and to evaluate the safety operation skill of the worker that earns the high reputation from the professional expert.

Safety Appliance Application (K1)

The Safety Appliance Application mainly tests the wear and application of the safety helmet, the safety belt, the anti-skid shoes, and so on.

The test terminal displays the test topic and the tester chooses the suitable safety appliance from the tool cabinet; the system would check if the appliance is correctly worn through the identification device.

The test terminal real-time monitors the tester operation information and scores according to the score rules. The score will be submit to the test administration center.

Safety Operation Technology (K2)

Platform Erection and Demolition (K21)

The system provides the physical platform Erection equipment. According to the test topic, the tester selects the suitable wheel, upright tube, bottom horizontal tube, etc. for installing. The System would collect the data for scoring.

Cleaning Operation by Operating the Hanging Basket (K22)

Cleaning Operation by Operating the Single-person Sling Equipment (K23)

This segment could be simulated indoors by the virtual cleaning operation scenery and the authentic hanging basket (single-person sling equipment) equipment to carry out the outdoor aloft operation.

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Steel wire rope abrasion, strand broking, corrosion, yarn extrusion, yarn breaking, hard bending, etc.

Winding gear friction disk and plate heavy abrasion, roof fall, uneven wear, etc.

If the suspension mechanism’s balance weight and safety rope settings meet the requirement.

Operation Site Emergency Handling (K4)

Individual Manual Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Operation (K41)

Wound Dressing (K42)