High altitude of the installation, maintenance, removal of the operation of the comprehensive simulation of training system


System overview

Taking into account the traditional security exam problems and job performance evaluation problems, through the use of visual simulation, automation technology to design a complete set of new and practical assessment solutions, all using has real physical operation, dynamic scenes are used VR technology to be presented , Which will be "real" outdoor job site layout to a limited room test room. The same unattended work, not only reduces the cost, but also fair and impartial assessment of the safety of practitioners operating skills, praised by industry experts.

Safety appliances use (K1)

Safety equipment mainly used to test helmets, seat belts, anti-skid shoes, such as wearing and use.

Test terminal display examination questions, candidates from the tool cabinet to select the appropriate safety equipment, after wearing the test equipment, to identify the correct or not.

The test terminal realizes the operation information of the candidate in real time, carries on the logical judgment according to the collected data, scoring and uploads the result to the examination management center according to the scoring rules.

Safe operation technology (K2)

Platform erection and dismantling (K21)

System to provide physical platform equipment, candidates according to the examination questions, select the appropriate wheels, pole, sweeping pole to erection, the system collects operational data and score. 

Operate the basket for cleaning operations (K22)

Operation of single spreader for cleaning operations (K23)

This part of the control through the virtual cleaning operations scenes and real basket (single spreader) equipment in the indoor simulation of outdoor aerial work to assess.

Students in accordance with the requirements of the outline of the relevant operations, the system through a realistic virtual scene so that students have a real experience of simulated movements, the system real-time monitoring and collection of candidates operating data and score.

Work site’s safety hazards troubleshoot (K3)  

Wire rope wear, broken shares, corrosion, wasting, broken wire, hard bend, etc .;

Hoisting mechanism friction plate , film wear serious , roof leakage , uneven wear and tear ;

Whether suspension mechanism of the counterweight and safety rope set to meet the requirements .

On-site emergency treatment (K4)

Single-handed CPR operation (K41)

Wound dressing (K42)

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