Aloft Erection Operation Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system


Safety Appliance Application (K1)

The Safety Appliance Application mainly tests the wear and application of the safety helmet, the safety belt, the anti-skid shoes and so on.

The test terminal displays the test topic and the tester chooses the suitable safety appliance from the tool cabinet; the system would check if the appliance is correctly worn through the identification device.

The test terminal real-time monitors the tester operation information and scores according to the score rules. The score will be submit to the test administration center.

Safety Operation Technology (K2)

The system adopts the Platform Erection and Demolition similar related technology to automatically evaluate the operation process and result.

Double Row Grounded Fastener-type Steel Scaffold Erection and Demolition (K21)

Double Row Steel Crossing Structure Erection (K22)

Single Row Mao Bamboo (or Wooden Pole) Crossing Structure Erection (K23)

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Steel rope, steel tube, scaffold fastener, safety net, metal base plate, bottom horizontal tube, scaffold plate, etc.

The tester could operate while roaming in 3D scenery by clicking the corresponding article for simulating the actual operation. The system would judge if there is flaw or if the operation meets the requirement or reaches the abandon standard for automatic evaluation.

Scaffold Existing Potential Safety Risk Searching (K31)

The Scaffold Existing Potential Safety Risk Searching content contains:

Huge upright tube distance setting, irregular transvers horizontal tube setting, irregular length of the pole tip over the fastener, irregular cross bridging setting, irregular connecting tube setting, scaffold tip overlength or doesn’t take fastening measure.

Fastener-type Steel Scaffold Component Abandon Judgement (K32)

The system provides the physical platform erection equipment. According to the test topic, the tester selects the suitable upright tube, bottom horizontal tube and so on to erect or to install the component at the corresponding position. The system would real-time monitor and identify if the tester erected platform is correct for making the automatic scoring.

Operation Site Emergency Handling (K4)

Individual Manual Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Operation (K41)

Wound Dressing (K42)