Metal non-metal (open) mine safety inspection operation integrated simulation test system


Safety appliances use (K1)

Personal protective equipment's wearing (K11)

The examinee checks from the tool cabinet and picks out the protective equipment. The system automatically judges after wearing. The maintenance of personal protective equipment is evaluated on the test terminal.

Identification of mine safety signs (K12)

The system automatically evaluates the identification and use of safety signs.

Safe operation technology (K2)

Outdoor slope safety inspection (K21)

Step safety inspection (K22)

In this section, the test points are provided for the test points in the model, such as slope, slope fault, slope and so on. The examinee answers the questions by observing the model and automatically grades them.

Safety inspection of perforated work (K23)

Students in the scene, click on the corresponding items, check the punch and the steps the safe distance of the top line, punch the stability of the steady vehicles, punch operations personnel safety, the safe distance of punching machine and equipment, and assess the operating system will give the corresponding examination questions.

Safety inspection of blasting charge (K24)

Students in the scene, click on the corresponding items, check the blasting operation personnel qualifications, precautions before operation, blasting safety distance, blasting equipment, charge, attachment, system give corresponding examination questions assess the operation.

Safety inspection of shovel loading (K25)

Examinee click on the corresponding objects in the scene operation, the key to confirm cantilever excavator operations with bucket mobile range, transportation equipment in near the working face should not be loaded too full or uneven loading, should not have stone rock loaded car, loading at the end of the bucket from the vehicle cab through above, drivers should not stay on the cab pedal or rock fall dangerous place.

Road transport safety inspection (K26)

In the scene, the examinee will click on the appropriate items to focus on the contents: the road's sharp bend, steep slope, dangerous lot should have warning signs; the slope of the slope of the slope and the high embankment roadbed should set up the barrier wall. The site of the unloading shall be equipped with a solid and reliable vehicle and equipped with special conductor; when loading the car, whether the driver leaves the cab or the head, arm, etc.

Safety inspection of the soil area (K27) 

The examinees click the appropriate items in the scene to check the soil terrace and slope, the car block and the unloading operation.

Safety inspection of tailings depot (K28)

System to provide the scaling model, such as on the model set the examination site examination standard, the dam slope gully, cracks, collapse pit, landslide, drain well, chute, culverts, etc., the examinee observation model and problem solving.

Safety inspection of power supply system (K29)

Work site’s safety hazards troubleshoot (K3)  

Rectification procedures for accidents (K31)

This section covers all operational steps required in the examination standard and is reported in accordance with the regulations.

For general accident risk, the relevant responsible person or relevant personnel immediately organize the rectification.

In case of major accidents, the main responsible organizations of enterprises shall formulate and implement the accident risk management plan.

In the process of hidden danger, corresponding safety precautions should be taken to prevent accidents.

The rectification should be checked and accepted.

On-site emergency treatment (K4)

The on-site emergency response shall include:

Single-handed CPR operation (K41)

Wound dressing (K42)

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