"Blue collar" scarce pattern highlights competition + selection boost the overall development of talent


With the 44th World Skills Competition in October approaching, industry skills competition has become a hot topic, “blue collar" crowd has been seriously.

The 44th World Skills Contest was held in Abu Dhabi

Talent pattern changed   "blue collar" scarce seriously

Social statistics show that in the end of 2015, China's total skilled workers amounted to 165 million people, accounting for only 20% of employed persons, the total number of highly skilled personnel is about 45.01 million, accounting for the proportion of skilled workers is about 27.3 %, There are fewer high-skilled people,who master the "high, fine, sharp" technology .While the Western developed countries, especially some manufacturing power, the number of highly skilled personnel accounted for more than 40% of the total number of skilled workers. At the same time, the distribution of technical personnel is uneven, talent interrupted problem is outstanding, more than 4 percent of the technician, senior technician age over 46 years of age, a serious shortage of young and highly skilled personnel.

In contrast to the community now, many young people and parents do not In contrast the present society, many young people and parents do not pay attention to the blue-collar work, failing to appreciate the skill jobs.

In fact, the times change, skills talent gradually become "strong group"., do not look at skilled jobs.

In recent years, many institutions and enterprises in the field of vocational education began to find more efficient and high-quality skills training mode, with a view to solve the high-quality "blue collar" in short supply situation, keep up with the pace of development and scale.

Competition + selection to provide new training mode

September 23 afternoon, "Urban Rail Transit Organization Skills Competition Technical Program Expert Seminar" held in Zhengzhou, J&T Hi-tech as scheduled.

From the Guangzhou subway, the Beijing subway, Shanghai subway, Shenzhen Metro, Suzhou Rail Transit and Zhengzhou rail transit, more than a dozen experts gathered together at J&T Hi-tech, discuss and demonstrate the common urban rail transit traffic skills competition system, competition equipment, competition Form and content of the competition and other aspects .

This is the results of the enterprise and institutions, front-line job practitioners to explore the industry talent training model. Vocational skills competition coincides with the time for young people to provide a platform for skills exchange, "competition + selection" model is more effective to promote the development of industry talent.
In fact, in recent years, China has also adopted a series of measures to gradually form a business sector as the main body, technical institutions and other vocational institutions as the basis, school education and corporate training closely linked to the government to promote social support and the combination of high skills Talent training system.

Based on this, in recent years, China held the international class, industryprofessional skills competition more frequently. In June this year, the international scale of the 2017 China International Skills Competition held in Shanghai and Suzhou at the same time, and the national class, industry-class skills competition is numerous. Participate in the 46th World Skills Competition bid for the competition, but also conform to t the developmenttrend that the skills are in line with the world.