Rail Transit Train Operation Dispatching Command System (TDCS) Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

According to <Railway Technology Administration Regulation>, <Station Operation Work Specification>, <Position operation Instruction> and actual site operation requirement, our company provides the corresponding railway operation command training system.

The system contains 1 set photoelectric yard, 1 set 3D interaction simulation sand table and 1 dispatch center. The 3D interaction simulation sand table includes 7 stations. The system has 7 sets TDCS traffic terminal which are of 4 types: CRSC DS6-K5B, China Academy of Railway Sciences TYJL-ADX, CASCO VPI and Microunion EI32-JD.

This system possesses great practical value for the position comprehensive training, learning and working. It improves the staff’s treatment towards the emergency and ensures the railway transport high efficient operation.

Training Content:

1.        Normal receiving and sending operation

2.        Abnormal receiving and sending operation (emergency handling)

3.        Interlocking basic operation function

4.        Dispatch command function

5.        Traffic terminal function

6.        Out-door operation

Training Position:

1.        Operation dispatcher

2.        Station attendant

3.        Station signal staff

4.        Assistant attendant

5.        Pointsman