Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment Operation Comprehensive & Testing Sub-system


System Overview

Through the modified physical equipment, equipped with the actual meters and electric control system and assisted with the intelligent device, the refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment operation & testing system could realize the automatic scoring. The system operation process is in consistence with the reality, thus, the test result could fully reflect the actual operation level of the tester.

Safety Appliance Application (K1)

Correct Operation of Multimeter, Tong-type Ammeter and Insulation Resistance Meter (K11)

Measurement Operation of the Temperature Meter in the Refrigeration System (K12)

Piston Chiller Shut Down Operation (K13)

Verification Operation for the Refrigerant Filling (K14)

Piston Chiller Refrigerant Filling Operation (K15)

Safety Operation Technology (K2)

Refrigeration Equipment Pressure Protection Equipment Acknowledge (K21)

Refrigeration System Refrigerant and Lubricant Acknowledge (K23)

Refrigeration System Pressure Protection and Safety Equipment Adjustment Operation (K24)

Ammonia Refrigeration System Safe Operation Hazard and Rescue Measures (K25)

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Refrigeration Compressor Slugging Fault Handling Operation (K31)

Air-Conditioning Equipment Safety Valve Acknowledge (K32)

Refrigeration System Leakage Detection (K33)

Vacuum Pump Application Operation (K34)

Screw Chiller Safety Protective Components Acknowledge and Operation (K35)

Operation Site Emergency Handling (K4)

Fire Extinguisher Selection and Application (K41)

Air-conditioning System Stop Valve Safety Operation (K42)

Air-conditioning System Air Hose Fire Damper Acknowledge (K43)

Ammonia’s Hazard towards Human-being Acknowledge (K44)

Hot Ammonia Defrost Safety Operation (K45)