Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment Installation and Maintenance Operation Comprehensive & Testing Sub-system


System Overview

Through the modified physical equipment, equipped with the actual meters and electric control system and assisted with the intelligent device, the refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment installation and maintenance operation & testing system could realize the automatic scoring. The system operation process is in consistence with the reality, thus, the test result could fully reflect the actual operation.

Safety Appliance Application (K1)

Single Phase AC Asynchronous Motor Test Operation (K11)

Air-conditioning Equipment Common Low-voltage Device Acknowledge (K12)

Drill Safety Operation (K13)

Correct Operation of Multimeter, Tong-type Ammeter and Insulation Resistance Meter (K14)

Shaft Strut Lifting Equipment Safety Operation (K15)

Safety Operation Technology (K2)

Refrigeration Tube Connection Operation (K21)

φ12 Copper Tube Horn Manufacture and Connection Operation (K22)

Thermostatic Expansion Valve Change Operation (K23)

Refrigeration System Flush Operation (K24)

Piston Refrigeration Compressor Valve Group Maintenance Operation (K25)

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Freon Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration System’s Refrigerant Recycle Operation (K31)

Water Pump Installation Operation (K32)

Three-way Maintenance Gauge Valve Application (K33)

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration System Tube Material Acknowledge (K34)

Tube Cutting Operation (K35)

Operation Site Emergency Handling (K4)

Wheel Grinding Safety Operation (K41)

Refrigeration Compressor Components Cleaning Safety Operation (K42)

Air-conditioning Water System Pressure Test Operation (K43)

Refrigeration System Refrigerant Filling Operation (K44)

Fire Extinguisher Selection and Application (K45)