Tailings Safety Technique Operation Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system


Safety Operation Technology (K2)

This segment evaluates the tester by observing or measuring on the tailings sand table using tools.

Dam Body Saturation Line Observation (K21)

Reservoir Water Level and Dry Beach Length Observation (K22)

Tailings Reservoir Discharge Safety Operation (K23)

Retaining Dam Heap Construction Safety Operation (K24)

Frame-style Catchpit Arc Bar Installation Operation (K25)

Underground Inclined Channel Cover Plate Installation Operation (K26)

Dam Body Vadose Water Observation (K27)

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Dam Body Potential Risk Checking (K31)

Drainage Channel System Potential Risk Checking (K32)

Operation site Emergency Handling (K4)

Reservoir Water Level Surpassing Alarm Level Emergency Handling (K41)

Dam Body Landslide Emergency Handling (K42)