Metal/Nonmetal (Underground) Mine Safety Inspection Operation Comprehensive Simulation & Testing Sub-system


Safety Appliance Application (K1)

Personal Protective Article Dressing (K12)

The tester checks and selects the protective articles in the tool cabinet for dressing and the system would make judgement automatically. The personal protective article maintenance knowledge is evaluated on the test terminal.

Mine Safety Symbol Identification (K13)

The system would automatically judge the safety symbol identification and application of the tester.

Safety Operation Technology (K2)

Haulageway Safety Inspection (K21)

Underground Stope Operation Safety Inspection (K22)

Underground Driving, Drilling and Blasting Safety Inspection (K23)

Winze Safety Inspection (K24)

Cage Hoisting Safety Inspection (K25)

Inclined Shaft Hoisting Operation Safety Inspection (K26)

Local Fan Ventilation Safety Inspection (K27)

Stope Roof Safety Inspection (K28)

Percolation Sign Safety Inspection (K29)

Operation Site Potential Safety Risk Elimination (K3)

Potential Risk Rectification Procedure (K31)

Operation Site Emergency Handling (K4)

Individual Manual Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Operation (K41)

Wound Dressing (K42)

Roof Fall and Rib Spalling Accident Emergency Handling (K43)

The system carries out the roof fall and rib spalling accident scenery simulation according to the actual accident situation. The tester operates according to the roof fall emergency handling procedure: making a simulation call to the supervisor for reporting the accident and then carrying out the simulation accident handling. For the knowledge which cannot be simulated, the system designs the theoretic selection examination questions as the supplementary content.

Water Inrush Accident Emergency Handling (K44)

The system simulates the mine water inrush accident site according to the actual water inrush accident situation and the test carries out the operation according to the test topic.

Self-rescuer Application (K45)

This segment is equipped with the physical self-rescuer automation test equipment.

The tester wears the self-rescuer according to the standard operation and the system monitors and collects the operation information in real-time for scoring.