Metal nonmetal (underground) mine safety inspection operation integrated simulation test system


Safety appliances use (K1)

Personal protective equipment's wearing (K12)

The examinee checks from the tool cabinet and picks out the protective equipment. The system automatically judges after wearing. The maintenance of personal protective equipment is evaluated on the test terminal.

Identification of mine safety signs (K13)

The system automatically evaluates the identification and use of safety signs. 

Safe operation technology (K2)

Safety inspection of conveyance roadway (K21)

Safety inspection of underground stope (K22)

Safety inspection of underground excavating rock drill (K23)

Safety inspection (K24) 

Cage hoisting safety check (K25)

Incline the well to improve safety inspection (K26)

Ventilation safety inspection (K27)

Safety check of roof panel (K28)

Water permeable signs safety check (K29)

Work site’s safety hazards troubleshoot (K3)  

Accident rectification procedures (K31)

On-site emergency treatment (K4)

Single-handed CPR operation (K41)

Wound dressing (K42)

Emergency response to emergency treatment (K43) 

The system is based on the actual situation of the accident, students shall be carried out in accordance with the roof caving accident emergency disposal process of operation, report to the area simulation make a phone call to report to the superior, and then simulate the accident emergency disposal , for test points that cannot be simulated, system designs theory of choice subject to supplement.

On-site emergency treatment (K4)

Water seepage accident emergency disposal (K44)

According to the actual situation of water seepage accident, the system is designed to design virtual mine flooding accident site,and the examinee will operate according to the requirements

Proper use of self-rescuer (K45)

This part is equipped with physical self-rescuer automatic examination equipment.

The test taker will use the device according to the standard of the self-rescuer, and the system will monitor and collect operation information in real time and score.

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