High Speed Railway Signal Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The system is constructed by the China Train Control System (CTCS), the Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) System, the EI32-JD Microcomputer Interlocking System, the Frequency Shift Modulated Automatic Block System (ZPW2000A Type) and the Microcomputer Monitoring System. The system takes the physical equipment as the main body and the simulated equipment as the assistance for product design to construct the High Speed Railway Electric Service Signal System training operation environment. The system is able to carry out the training for the acknowledge skill, test skill, repair skill and fault handling skill of the high speed railway electric service signal system equipment. The training system enables the trainee to experience the on-site working environment and operation process at the training center to enhance the practice experience and operation skill and the fault analysis and trouble-shooting capability.

Training Content:

Basic operation and principle study of interlocking

Train Control principle study

Signal Equipment Acknowledge

Rail electric circuit installation and test

Introduced equipment wiring, welding, installation and inspection operation

Signal component installation and test

CTC and automatic blocking equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance

Station signal and section signal equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance

Points, switches and signal power supply equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance

Equipment performance inspection, equipment fault analysis and handling

Training Position:

Signal Staff

Station Attendant